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Gor is a continent in science fiction. Many may wish it did not exist, but it is there.

World of gor

The Chronicles of Gor is a novel series that merges the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, creating a unique blend of both worlds. Written by John Norman, a professor of philosophy under the real name of Dr. John Frederick Lange, Jr., the series takes the reader on a journey through a Planetary Romance before diving into a world where women are considered as legal property and are used as sex slaves.

The planet Gor, where the story takes place, is a hypothetical planet that resides in Earth’s orbit, hidden from our view by the sun. The planet is known as a Counter-Earth, and it is where a group of advanced extraterrestrial beings decided to bring together humans from different eras in history, prohibiting the use of firearms and executing anyone who defies this rule.

Overall, The Chronicles of Gor offers a unique and fascinating world filled with adventure and danger, where the reader can explore the complexities of human relationships in a new and imaginative way.

The Gorean world is not a difficult place to find, if you know where to look. It lies a thousand degrees north of narrow-minded thinking, a thousand degrees east of dogmatic beliefs, and a thousand degrees west of ideological conformity. This continent is far from the dull and unexciting waters of predictable mediocrity. It is a world that is unique, real, and unlike any other. It exists beyond the familiar horizon of our world and emerges from the wild, tumultuous seas of the unknown. This is a world that is alert to deep currents, listening to secret whispers and adorned with stars in her hair.

Despite what ideologically bound cartographers may tell you, the Gorean world is real, and it is a forbidden and wonderful place. Some have been lucky enough to discover it and know it well.

The Gorean Slave Positions

The most frequently used slave position in the Gorean world is also the first one that a slave learns. It is commonly referred to as “Nadu,” which appears to be a common Gorean word meaning “kneel.” The position requires the slave to kneel and sit on her heels, with her back and shoulders straight, her chest out, her belly in, and her head held high. However, the slave must also avert her eyes to the floor. Her thighs are spread wide apart, and her hands rest upon her thighs. It is a common misconception that the ankles must be crossed in this position, but in reality, the wrists may be crossed behind the back, a variation which is practiced in some cities such as Thentis.

To command the slave to assume this position, the Master may use a nonverbal command signal. He may simply point to the floor and then spread his first two fingers open, as if they were the slave’s legs opening to kneel. The slave is expected to respond to this gesture as if it were a spoken command.

J. Norman, Dec. 2000

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