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In memory of Julia Anna
On November 11th of the Earth year 2000, Julia Anna Duclos, whose love and passion for Gor inspired the writers of this guide to open the first pages of John Norman’s Tarnsman of Gor and enter this world of such simple beauty, was called to dance upon the clouds of heaven. She will remain our inspiration and our light upon this path to discovering Gor. It seems only fitting then, that this guide be dedicated to Julia, the little dancer of Gor.

Nicole and Michele

NOTE to the guide user:
The quotes in this guide may or may not be identical to the different editions of the Gor series. Whenever possible, text from the last available edition was used here but as some of the latest versions are not yet published, differences may be found. Rest assured the quotes ARE accurate. Further, as all of the new editions are not yet printed, page numbers used here are from the first edition. Chapters of course, remain unchanged no matter what edition you are using.

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